A Killer Soundsystem

by Mix


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Alastair Philip Wiper
European Space Research and Technology Centre

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Never mind your Function Ones or the Despacio soundsystem made by 2ManyDjs and James Murphy; here's the worlds loudest soundsystem that will actually kill you if you experience it in person.

The English, but Danish-based, photographer Alastair Philip Wiper that we have featured before has continued his quest for capturing interesting buildings and interiors. His latest journey went to Noordwijk in the Netherlands to visit The European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) - the European Space Agency’s (ESA) main development and test center for spacecraft and space technology. And this where the killer sound system in question comes into the picture.

The Large European Acoustic Facility (LEAF) is a soundsystem like no other. It's used to test how satellites and other equipment will react to the stress caused by the extremely loud sounds produced by a rocket launch.

A soundsystem that's so loud you would die instantly if you were in the room when it was turned on - and also if the sound was turned on at its lowest volume - as your eardrums would probably explode. But hey, we guess - or hope - we'll never find out!