A Concise Explanation of The Multiverse - Our Universe Is One Among Many

by Ulrik


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Some of you may find this TED talk that makes the case for the existence of a so-called ‘multiverse’ through cutting-edge discoveries within physics a bit of a mouthful. But sometimes your Monday needs a good, dizzying, philosophical kick in the rear and that’s what Brian Greene’s utterly fascinating talk provides in full.

If you’re anything like us, the laws of the universe that we live within are a constant source of amazement. The distances, the speeds and the force with which the heavenly bodies act and interact stretches our imagination and, well, just kind of make us feel like we’re little kids learning everything all over again. That’s certainly the case with the concept of the multiverse, an idea positing the notion that our infinite universe is one among many others.

Brian Greene divides his talk into three parts: the first highlights the mysteries that 90s Nobel Prize-winning research revealed. The second offers a solution to these mysteries based on String Theory. And the third deals with an explanation of a cosmological theory called inflation, which pulls it all together.

Without a doubt, Greene’s stressing of important points by lowering his voice into a husky vibrato feels a little forced (and maybe a bit too Fox News Anchor-y?) and you get the feeling that a 20 minute talk on this astoundingly complex topic leaves out a sizable chunk of important information. Still, you do have to start somewhere and for an introduction to an idea that could fundamentally change the way we understand everything, this serves as a pretty decent starting point. Get out your pens and paper, everyone.

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