65daysofstatic's ‘Prisms’

by Ulrik


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- is the music video that finally proves wrong the guy who made the music video for Authechre’s ‘Gantz Graf.’ Back in 2002, after Alex Rutterford had released the stunning video for Autechre’s equally mesmerizing single, he answered a lot of questions about the creation of the video. And, because people apparently asked him a lot of questions about algorithms, he stated that: ‘it's fool's gold thinking that someone can sit there writing a piece of software that can make intelligent decisions about pace and animation." Well, this has just been proved wrong with Matt Pearson’s creation of a system that interprets audio and generates the striking visuals of the ‘Prisms’ video.

Pearson, who has written extensively on the topic of algorithms, furthermore states that:

‘’Prisms’ is fully algorithmic. There are no cuts, just one continuous generative animation. All decisions (camera work, movements, formations, etc...) are made by my system's interpretation of the audio track. My work was creating the system and then curating its output or, to put it another way, I just wrote a computer algorithm, and the computer did it all.

It goes without saying that writing a piece of code that generates a visually apealling wireframe video is a remarkable achievement. Especially because it's so ethereally beautiful in a surprisingly organic, gradually unfolding way that makes it seem as if the video we're watching is alive in some warped, artificially intelligent fashion.

Gantz Graf’ is currently 11-years-old. It’ll be interesting to see where technology takes us in the next 11 years. Check out the ‘Prisms’ promo above.