25 years of Trax Records: Compilation and Documentary DVD

by Ulrik




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Very few contemporary dance music producers can claim that the output of Chicago-based label Trax hasn’t had some kind of effect on their sound.

From the slammin jack of Dutch, underground stalwart Legowelt to the subtle house thuddery of rising star John Roberts, the 4/4-floor domination of the classic Trax roster resonates – perhaps now more than ever – with the bright, young things of 2011. The new Trax Records compilation and documentary is therefore a timely project that will no doubt have quite a few house connoisseurs salivating at the mere mention of the fact that Virgo, Jamie Principle et. al get rereleased and that the aptly titled, new documentary ‘The House that Trax Built’ is an in-depth look into the golden days of vintage acid house.

Acid house nerds, this is your holy grail.

The Trax Records compilation and documentary ‘The House that Trax Built’ will be released on October 18th.