140 - the Rhythm-based Minimalist Platform Game


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140 is the title of an upcoming rhythm-based, minimalist platform game developed by a group of four Danish artists and developers all working in their spare time. The game takes its title from the beat rate of the soundtrack that is central to the gameplay. Last month the soundtrack won an award for excellence in audio at the 15th annual International Games Festival 2013

The development team is headed by Jeppe Carlsen, known in independent game circles as the lead designer on one of 2010's most successful releases, the dark and slightly disturbing Limbo from Playdead (who's studio is right around the corner from the AIAIAI HQ).

With him on the project is his old friend from college and current colleague at Playdead, Jakob Schmid who developed the soundtrack. On the graphics end they recruited two very talented designers from outside the gaming industry Andreas Peitersen from the famed Copenhagen design studio e-Types and Niels Fyrst who spends his daytime at national broadcaster DR - my own first experience Fyrst's work was some years ago with his wonderful animated music video for Bjørn Svin's Modular Noia:

For anybody familiar with his personal work the influence on the game is immediately obvious.

All in all I can't wait to slap on my TMA-1's and go to town on this beauty.

It's release date is yet unknown, but it's set to come out on Mac and PC later this year (and according to the comments on the video also for Linux and as a separate soundtrack release)