10 Driving Tracks that Trump the "Drive" Soundtrack




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Quite frankly, they should've hired us for soundtrack duties.

Nicolas Winding Refn’s new, noir-influenced thriller, "Drive", is everywhere at the moment. You can’t open the TV, your Facebook or the radio without hearing/seeing someone singing the praises of Ryan Gosling’s Steve McQueen-like performance or, indeed, the movie’s soundtrack that features Kavinsky, Chromatics, Desire and a whole host of artists that do admittedly lend themselves quite neatly to the driving context. ‘There’s driving gloves and Miami Vice fonts’, they all jibber jabber excitedly while employing excessive use of smileys and exclamation marks. This is all well and good. A congratulatory salutation goes out to Nicolas from all of us here at the AIAIAI office for crafting such a
gripping narrative.

However, the admiration stops there. You see, we’ve been going on about tracks to drive to for a good long while now. When everyone else were down with minimal techno, we were heavily into the grand, sweeping, maximalist sounds of The Hague (the perfect accompaniment to any kind of travelling) and we often toyed with the idea of visualising this driving tracks concept. And if we’d had Nicolas’ connections, who knows where we might have ended up? It’s glaringly obvious to anyone with half a brain that we thought of this idea first - and we think you’ll agree that the Danish director must have somehow been spying on us. It’s a sad state of affairs.

But no matter. There’s still time to make things right. To prove our point, here are ten tracks that should've been included in the ‘Drive’ soundtrack and generally do the trick when you're driving. The gloves are on:

1. Boards of Canada - Macquarie Ridge

Boards of Canada. The name that's unfuckwithable. If you happen to be driving a white Pontiac through the plains of outer Mongolia, this is your ticket.

2. NEU! - Hallogallo

It's been said that Kraut rockers, NEU!, represent the sound of modernity. To us they represent the act of driving an old, green Mercedes down the autobahn.

3. Polarius - Apollo Park

Picture driving on a vast, frozen lake in mid January. The timid winter sun is grazing the hood of your silvery Bentley. Polarius (AKA Danny Wolfers/Legowelt) is blaring out of your vintage B&O speakers and the wind is causing a slight tingle in your well-groomed mustache. That, my friends, is the sound of 'Apollo Park'.

4. Ulrich Schnauss - On my Own

Did your girlfriend/boyfriend dump you? Forget him/her. What you need is to ride like the wind while realising that being on your own isn't so bad, really.

5. Gesaffelstein - Atmosphere

Sweet Jesus, this track kicks like a mule! And sounds like the getaway music to your escape from New LA where you're driving into a shimmering, lime-green sunset, don't you think?

6. Model 500 - No UFOs

Yes, we could have included Model 500 AKA Juan Atkin's 'Night Drive (Time, Space,Transmat)', but we didn't because...well, because this is the superior track. Perfect for driving through Detroit in some kind of murdered out vehicle.

7. Drexciya - Digital Tsunami

You can never go wrong with Drexciya. If you really want to go right, you should hire a white speed boat and listen to this propulsive, techno classic while shooting off into the infinite.

8. Legowelt - Ricky Ramjet

Danny Wolfers makes the list again. Mainly because his music is the quintessential, spaced out driving music, perfectly suited to all your driving needs.

9. Ariel Pink - For Kate I Wait

Oddball, Ariel Pink, has found a curious level of mainstream success of late. But that shouldn't stop you from enjoying this outsider classic while driving through the Nevada desert and screaming 'I wait for Kate!' at the top of your lungs.

10. Ronika - In the City

New girl on the block, Ronika, is the sound of being in a limo with all your best friends. Circa 1991. The chauffeur has a shiny ponytail and you just spilled champagne down your multicoloured Benetton tie - woops! Aaah, but that's OK, because you're laughing and reminiscing about more care-free times. Time to Relaxxx.

That concludes our top ten. Don't drink and drive, but do sing and drive.